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extreme styles including awesome mens gaffs

See the all new mens gaffs at Koala. We just added a bunch of new fem style designs to our site!

The ultimate mens swimwear and underwear gaffs are made by Koala in the USA.
Mens gaffs designs are by Michael David who has a group name for all the designs that fall into the category of mens gaffs, they are called male to female transformation suits. Michael David states that they are very proud of their mens gaff designs considered by many to be the apex of transformation wear.

These designs completely feminize the wearing and make them look exactly lake a girl where it counts the most.
We have women that by them for their husbands, crossdressers that want to look like the real thing and many men who just want to try the fem look.
Many men that wear mens gaffs or male to female transformation swimwear are straight but want to try looking like a girl in public. You might be amazed to learn how many guys have tried on womens underwear (most men) and mens gaffs are a natural progression. I enjoy wear a male to female transformation suit bikini to the beach which I have done many times including with my girlfriends. I am straight but enjoy the attention I get when the boys think I am one of the girls. I think they are more excited by me because they think I am a girl laying out topless. My gaff duplicates the vagina look to perfection.

This mens gaffs site will offer instruction on how to use them.

Mens gaffs links on how to put them on.

DVD's showing male models wearing mens gaffs that are swimwear designs for the beach.
Male Chastity devices, how and why they need to be used, this includes all types of men from fem subs, straight men who cheat and gay men who need to be trained.

Transsexual links to site with great looking t-girls and shemales, most of them use mens gaffs, that is the ones that are still functional.
The hottest site around for T-girls and Shemale escorts is

Guide to the Gaff
 In the early 90’s, when I was young and innocent and the internet didn’t have the answer to every question you could think of, I spent a lot of my time getting ready before going out struggling to hide my bulge. It sounds stupid, but even before I started cross dressing I was trying to hide my penis and balls because I didn’t like the way they were on display in tight jeans and other pants. So, before I realized that mens gaffs were the answer to all my problems, I used to try and find as many ways to hide my package as possible. When I was alone in my room as a teenager I tried on the best underwear to minimize the shape of it and I even tried women’s underwear because it was less forgiving and squashed things down a bit more.
That was probably the beginning to my interest in wearing women’s clothing and looking like a woman in public and – for my own satisfaction – in private. I loved the shape it gave my slender body when there were no unsightly curves and bulges between my legs, making me look like a real women with small breasts. But things never really stayed in the same place for long, which is why mens gaffs were like a miracle to me.
For the uninitiated, mens gaffs are a pair of underwear that manages to create the illusion of a completely flat abdomen, by squashing your penis and balls. Rather than having everything crushed flat, if you follow some good instructions for arranging your package and buy a good quality gaff, you should feel the smooth, flat sensation that is the closest you can get to feeling like a woman without going as far as surgery. In fact, I have a male friend who used to wear one for extended periods of time before gender realignment surgery, just to completely get used to the feeling of being a woman and make sure that he wanted the surgery. He said that even putting it on made him feel as though he was a completely different person. The penis is such a dominant shape and so every-present in the back of guys mind that effectively castrating yourself can do amazing things to your sense of self. Seeing the difference between before this guy put it on and after he’d slipped on a pair of mens gaffs was phenomenal – you could almost believe that they were two completely different people.
Naturally, he also changed the rest of his clothes and put on some make up (he was one of the most convincing cross-dressers I have ever seen), but while you can complete a transformation with accessories if you have the gaff, with just accessories alone but no gaff you can’t guarantee that you’ll be convincing as a woman. There’s partly the way that it looks – because the majority of clothes show up a bulge if you haven’t flattened your genitals – which would otherwise stop you from having a choice of all women’s clothes without a mens gaff. But there’s also the fact that when you feel different about yourself when you’re wearing a mens gaff, you begin to act differently. Looking like convincing woman isn’t just the right make up and clothes; it’s about the way you act and how you feel. Women move very differently to men, and to really emanate that you have to feel the part.
If you’re going to wear a mens gaff, don’t just launch yourself into it, do some research and check that you’re not going to be chafing, crushed or uncomfortable after a couple of hours. Try it on in the comfort of your own home and move around in it just to check that it feels right. There were a couple of really embarrassing moments when I first tried one and I was still living at home, as my mom would just stroll into my room and I’d have to make a wild lunge for a towel before she saw. Just to help you out, here’s a list of steps and a guide to mens gaffs if it’s your first time trying one or you can’t work out what you’re doing wrong.
The Guide
Clear The Area
There are two main methods to hiding away your manhood, called the Tuck and the Tape. The names give you a good insight to what’s about to happen, but I’ll make sure I explain the finer details. However, before you start rearranging stuff, you might want to think about your pubic hair. Most mens gaffs are the shape of women’s underwear, which leaves all of your thighs exposed. It’s a good idea to at least trim your pubic hair so that it doesn’t look like you’re smuggling wigs down there when it sprouts from the leg holes, unless you’re one of the lucky ones who don’t have much body hair.
Also, and I can’t stress this enough, if you choose the taping method, you must shave or wax your pubic hair. Most people don’t think about the consequences when they’re taping down everything in sight, but it’s excruciating to pull tape off your pubic hair. Particularly horrific is the aftermath of trying to pull tape from your balls if they’re the hairy type. One tip if you’re sitting on your computer right now with tape all over your dick and balls desperately searching for a solution to get it off, soak in a bath for a couple of hours and it should at least loosen a little bit. In case you’re wondering, yes I was stupid enough to have firsthand experience of this.
Tape vs. Tuck
This is often a personal choice before putting on mens gaffs, so I suggest that you try both out and see which suits you and which feels more comfortable. It largely depends on your body shape and personal preference.
First, you have to try to push your testicles back up into your body. Don’t panic – this is where they were housed before they dropped during puberty and as long as you do it carefully you’re not going to damage yourself. The easiest way is to lie on your back with your legs bent at the knees in a comfortable position. The balls should move up into your body, in a horizontal motion if you’re lying down, vertical if you’re not.
Once they’re in, you can tuck your penis back between your legs with the empty scrotum, which should lie flat and won’t be painful to sit on. The advantage of doing this while lying down is that your testicles should stay in place, but if they don’t you can try finding them by gently feeling your abdomen and holding them in place. From there, it’s safe to put on the pair of mens gaffs. Tucking usually leaves two slightly raised bumps that are slightly visible through the gaffs, but they don’t look like anything more suspicious than the lips of a vagina would.
Repeat the previously mentioned method to push the testicles up into the scrotal cavity and to leave your scrotum hanging loose and empty. Then pull the two sides of the sack around the penis until they meet, at which point have the tape handy to secure it in place around the penis. You might have to use several pieces here, because this technique has a tendency to need some serious securing to stay in place. Next, pull the penis between the legs and tape it in place, either between your legs or on each cheek of your bottom depending how lucky you are.
Finally, if you simply can’t stomach the idea of pushing your balls up into your body, it’s also possible to simply flatten your testicles and penis before you pull on the mens gaff. It doesn’t give you the same flat surface as the tape and tuck methods, but it still flattens things down significantly. Just make sure that your balls are in a comfortable position and not so low that you’re likely to sit on them half the time.
It’s a little difficult to get used to either technique straight away, but with a little practice they can both become second nature to you. Personally I prefer to tuck to avoid all the hassle of the tape, as I wear mens gaffs whatever technique I’m going to employ and it holds them in place nicely.
Gaff Up
You can either pull your mens gaffs half way up your thighs before you start arranging yourself or you can try to hold things in place while you struggle to pull them on. I prefer to plan ahead and already have them on so that they can be quickly pulled into place. The widest part of the mens gaffs are at the front and the thinnest at the back, like a thong.
The Gaff
Good mens gaffs aren’t as easy to find online as you would think, despite the number of men who are interested in cross-dressing. I’ve got a few favorites myself, so all I can do is recommend a couple of mens gaffs that I’ve found have worked perfectly and hope that they’ll be what you’re looking for too.
I do most of my shopping at Koala Swim, which is an online store run by the owner and designer of micro swimsuits, mens lingerie and mens gaffs. The nice thing about Koala Swim is that the mens gaffs aren’t just another tool to strap things down with – they’re designed to look good as well as fulfill their purpose. A lot of their products double up as swim suits (if you’re pretty adventurous at the beach, because I can see the appeal and I’ve even seen a couple of guys in them but I’m not quite that confident myself) which is pretty useful when you’re tanning too.
The Secret Wish Ultra Fem Suit
This thing is amazing – it’s my favorite out of the entire collection and even helps you out with tucking things away. A metal ring does the trick of pulling everything into place and out of the way, and the Lycra pouch helps flatten it with a firm frame. It’s the tight straps that really do most of the work in flattening everything, and it’s in a G-string shape that I love the look of.
The Pussy Boy
This comes in pink, which is a nice touch. It has a similar approach to the previous pair of mens gaffs, but has the added bonus of adjustable straps, which is indispensible. Not all guys are the same size, and having the chance to go as flat as you want is really useful, depending on what I’m wearing and how I want to feel. The back is a nice T-shaped thong that covers very little, but still manages to hide everything that’s tucked back.
The Sweet Spot
The best thing about the Sweet Spot is its coloring – the nude color really turns on my partner because apparently it looks like I’m completely naked when I’m wearing it. There’s a double strap style to it that sets it apart from other mens gaffs and can hide away a dick of any size – I once saw a guy well above average manage to squeeze himself into one.
You should try as many different styles of mens gaffs as possible, but the products at Koala Swim are a good place to start because they’re so versatile, they work so well, and you don’t feel like you’re hiding any secrets beneath your clothes. It’s nice to know that if you go home with someone, they’re not going to see a huge pair of mens gaffs but a hot little thong when they rip your clothes off. And if the worst comes to the worst and you don’t take anyone home with you, at least you can feel feminine while you’re dressed in a pair of sexy mens gaffs, colored in nude or hot pink rather than boring black.
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